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Part 2: Rising Water

  • And 15 crew members had left New London, Conn., Thursday evening, Oct. 25, 2012, trying to get to St. Petersburg for dockside tours at the city’s Pier. It was now early Sunday morning, Oct. 28, and they were headed toward Hatteras Canyon off North Carolina’s coast, on track to traverse the Gulf Stream perilously close to Hurricane Sandy. They were running the two main electric pumps and the two backup hydraulic pumps — which hadn’t been used all year — but still they were taking in more water than they were getting out.

    At the morning meeting of the mates they talked about Walbridge’s decision the previous day to change course. They had been going mainly south and somewhat east, trying to go out to sea to put sufficient space between them and the storm. Now they were going southwest in an effort to make it between the worst of the storm and the shore. The aim — the hope — was to harness the powerful counterclockwise winds to shoot to St. Pete. They were crossing Sandy's path, and already were well within the storm's sprawling reach. It made sleep almost impossible. First mate John Svendsen told the crew to try to rest when they weren't on duty for watch. He said they could expect waves of up to 30 feet and winds of 80 mph or higher. It was going to be a long day.

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    Answering Readers' Questions: Bringing wipes through airport security

  • A few weeks ago I posted about bringing tissues and sanitizing wipes on every trip moving forward. One of the comments was a question, asking if TSA allowed wipes through. The reader thought since they are technically wet, they may not be allowed.

    I have flown with face wipes many times, never taken them out of my suitcase at airport security, and never had a problem, so I assumed they were allowed. But of course, I also never take out my liquids bag, and I know I’m supposed to do that! So I went to the TSA site to see what I could find. I ended up using the “When I fly, can I bring my….?” tool. I wasn’t expecting much, because the last time I used the tool it was terrible. However, this time when I typed in “wipes” it asked me to choose which kind (baby, antibacterial, etc) and said they were allowed in both checked and carryon luggage.

    So that’s good news! In fact it’s two pieces of good news. Yes, wipes are allowed, and the TSA “Can I bring my….?” tool works at least some of the time. Hooray!

  • Source: Answering Readers' Questions: Bringing wipes through airport security

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    News24 - Dec 31, 1969

    17:31 - Phillip de Wet tweets: Oscar Pistorius is still in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court, sorting out the formalities. Will be a while, we reckon. 16:57 - Uncle: As a family . 14:46 - Nair wipes his nose several times as he starts explaining the

    Wet Wipes Airport Security
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    Creator: Conrad Jones | Fiction - 2008-01-01 luggage and started to get changed quickly, removing the makeup that he was wearing from his eyes using wet wipes. ... The pressure on airport security guards had become intense due to the increased number of security checks that were ... Publisher: AuthorHouse

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    Creator: Katina Z Jones | Family & Relationships - 2007-11-01 Be Prepared Bring the diaper bag and plenty of wet wipes with you on the airplane. Also, you might consider ... Be prepared to fold up your stroller to put it through airport security; some airports may require you to do so. And get used to being ... Publisher: Everything Books

    Constance Harding's (Rather) Startling Year, A Novel Constance Harding's (Rather) Startling Year, A Novel

    Creator: Ceri Radford | Fiction - 2012-03-29 Even this state of affairs may not endure: an obstreperous airport security official confiscated my water-purification tablets. ... After two further raps, just as I was cleaning my fist on a wet wipe and wondering if the imbecilic taxi driver had taken  ... Publisher: Penguin

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    Creator: Jackie Hartnell | 2010 Jane had all her travel documents and valuables stolen on a train in Thailand – like her mum she removed her security pouch, but then went to sleep. ... Bus and train stations and even airports can be pretty grotty. ... I carry wet wipes, lower my hygiene expectations, shrug philosophically and refuse to allow even the worst ... Publisher: Murdoch Books Pty Ltd

    Boating Boating

    1976-01 He depends on charts,-good charts-for his comfort, security, and possibly his life. The U.S. government has ... First, he administered a wet rag rub test (called a “lint picking test" in the chart making business). After 25 wipes, the NOAA chart “ disintegrated,” he said. It took 50 wipes to ... TRANSWORLD, International Airport , Box 90802-SA, Los Angeles, California 90009. TO BUY OR SELL Marinas or Boat ...

    Wet Wipes Airport Security
    Jul 04, 2007 by impyface | Posted in Air Travel

    I was wondering do you have to present wet wipes in a clear bag like the rest of the liquids/gels/sprays? and if so what is the max weight/size of packet?
    I'm traveling on a long haul flight with a stop over, so would want to take wet wipes to

    Yes I take wet wipes all the time and you don't even have to take it out and put it in a zip lock bag. I just bring a pack of Kleenex wet wipes. No problem.