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Peugeot 208 HYbrid Air 2L concept heading to Paris Motor Show

  • Peugeot has announced plans to bring the 208 HYbrid Air 2L concept to next month's Paris Motor Show.

    The original 208 HYbrid FE concept was unveiled last year at the Geneva Motor Show and now Peugeot is ready to present an evolution based on the same three-door 208 but featuring a wide array of changes. While the model upon which is based weighs 960 kg, this one has gone through a 100 kg diet as a result of a more extensive use of aluminum and carbon composites.

    The standard car is equipped with a three-cylinder 1.2-liter Puretech 82 gasoline engine and a five-speed manual gearbox but the concept uses a hybrid drivetrain featuring a mix of petrol and compressed air. It encompasses a compressed air tank below the trunk, a low-pressure tank near the rear axle (acting as an expansion chamber) and a hydraulic system with a motor and a pump in the engine bay.

    The aforementioned hydraulic system has a specially developed epicyclic transmission to provide the right balance between the two energy sources and also offers automatic shifting. Peugeot says the concept can be driven solely on compressed air when "Air" mode is selected while in "Petrol" mode it runs only on the gasoline engine. There's also a "Combined" mode in which the vehicle draws its power from the two energy sources.

  • Source: WorldCarFans.com

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    Crane Technical Practice 410: Use Of Fully Turbulent Friction Factor ...

  • Hello,


    Crane TP 410 provides methods to determine the K values for various standard fittings.  A turbulent friction factor (fT) is used for doing so and the figures are tabulated for various pipe diameters in the appendix A26.  The figures have been determined based on new steel.


    Can these figures be applied for materials other than steel piping please?


    The system I am looking at consists of polypropylene (PP) piping.  If I calculate fT for PP piping (using method described here: http://www.pumpfunda...com/help16.html


    Taking into account the absolute roughness for PP piping, the friction factor is reduced to approximately half vs steel piping.  The overall effect on the end calculation result (for my system) is a difference in flow capacity of ~5%, this would obviously be greater if the proportion to fittings vs straight pipe was greater.


    I have also checked my hand-calculation using AFT Fathom software and checked the help files within the software package to determine the methodology behind the calculations.  The software appears to apply the Crane values for fT for all piping material types.

  •

    Source: Crane Technical Practice 410: Use Of Fully Turbulent Friction Factor ...

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    All engine manufacturers have reported similar problems with the higher-temperature fuel leaving varnish on injectors and causing mileage losses. Lubricity provides friction reduction, which extends the life of the fuel pump and reduces down time.

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    Upgrades to the drivetrain include reduced internal friction for the motor and a locally built lithium-ion battery, now offered with extended warranty cover which replaces or repairs units that have suffered a large loss of capacity. Subtle aerodynamic

    Pump Friction Loss
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    Creator: Thomas B. Sturtevant | Technology & Engineering - 2004-12-01 LAMINAR FLOW HIGHLY ORDERED Figure 10-10 Laminar flow versus turbulent flow TURBULENT FLOW VERY DISORDERED • Note Friction loss varies direcOy with hose length if all other variables are held constant. • Note With all other ... Publisher: Cengage Learning

    Fire Service Pump Operator's Handbook Fire Service Pump Operator's Handbook

    Creator: Warren E. Isman | Reference - 1984-01 With a given size hose, the greater the quantity of water pumped, the higher the friction loss. Flow is measured in hundreds of gallons per minute and is usually represented with the letter Q (Q = gpm + 100) . Mathematically, friction loss will ... Publisher: PennWell Books

    Pump User's Handbook, Life Extension Pump User's Handbook, Life Extension

    Creator: Heinz P. Bloch, Allan R. Budris | Technology & Engineering - 2004-01-01 Note that stiffer piping increases pump flange loading caused by piping weight and flange alignment tolerances. • Pump installation ... Operating costs will decrease as a result of lower energy usage due to reduced friction losses. Some costs ... Publisher: The Fairmont Press, Inc.

    Plant Engineer's Handbook Plant Engineer's Handbook

    Creator: R. Keith Mobley | Technology & Engineering - 2001-05-14 33.3 Inlet piping configuration Contrary to popular opinion, a centrifugal pump cannot function without both consistent adequate ... Friction loss is caused by a number of factors and all depend on the flow velocity generated by the pump. Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

    Oilfield Processing of Petroleum: Crude oil Oilfield Processing of Petroleum: Crude oil

    Creator: Francis S. Manning, Richard E. Thompson (Ph.D.) | Technology & Engineering - 1995-01-01 All these factors must be carefully considered if the true overall cost of the pump is going to be determined and optimized. PUMP ... The friction loss in the pump itself is provided for by the pump efficiency, as indicated in Equation 10-10, below . Publisher: PennWell Books

    Pump Friction Loss
    Mar 31, 3023 by stanny | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    I need to calculate total dynamic head (TDH) for my swimming pool before sizing the pump, but the information on the Internet for friction loss and TDH seems to assume that there is only one pipe in the loop between the pool and the pump and return to

    You don't factor them in. There's only one suction line going into your pump and one return leaving it. All of your lines T in before it or after it. That's your bottleneck. Even if you have your valves set at 50/50 for either run, it doesn't matter.