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Tension on pulleys Physics Question - Physics Stack Exchange

  • Collar A is connected to a 50lb load on a frictionless horizontal rod. Determine magnitude of P to maintain equilibrium when x=4.5.

    Im confused on the concept of Tension

    I originally got the answer 11.25 lb like the images below but my solution manual is different.

    The solution manual says:

    $$\tan \alpha= 20/4.5 = 77.3 d^\circ$$

    sum of F sub X=0
    $$-P + T \cos 77.3 $$
    $$P= 50lb (cos 77.3)$$
    $$= 10.98lb$$

    (answer manual)

    Is this because the tension in the rope is equivalent to the mass of the hanging weight? Is there a way to solve for 10.98lb using method like the one below ...i.e. adding the vector components and solving for the unknowns? confused especially on how the solution manual is using 50lb for magnitude of T and when using vector addition getting the 11 so lbs. Thanks!

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    Source: Tension on pulleys Physics Question - Physics Stack Exchange

    Pulley Questions Physics
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    Pulley Questions Physics
    Dec 20, 7668 by foreva_lynn | Posted in Physics

    i am a little behind in physics bcuz i have been busy studying for my chem exams, hence im a little lost when it comes to problems like this. please help me out. include the equations, why u used it, and also plug in the numbers with the answers, bcuz

    A. The tension should be 130N. That's the force on each side and hence the tension experienced by the rope. The system is in static equilibrium.

    B I can't remember my physics from old days very well, but the tension should be 70N+ (m*9.8).