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Rope Pulley Block and Tackle Hoist
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  • 7:1 lifting ratio power
  • 65 feet of poly rope
  • 2 ton working load capacity
Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Pulley Track Set
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  • Hot Wheels Wall Tracks brings stunts, speed, turns and tricks to new heights
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Jonah and the Big Fish (I Can Read! / The Beginner's Bible)
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Guys and Dolls
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Kayak,Canoe Garage Storage Lift: Hoist/Rack/Bike/Ladder
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A season of transition—and chores

  • November is not my favorite month. The weather turns cold, the average high dropping about one degree a day. Our colorful landscape turns dull and dreary, leaving piles of work to do in the yard. There can be no doubt—the fun of summer and early fall is behind us and winter will set in far too soon.

    The only good things I can say for November are that it's only 30 days long and it includes Thanksgiving, a time to celebrate and feast with family and friends.

    In the meantime, there's much work to do. I worked a night shift at The Gazette on Saturday, so Sunday and Monday made up my weekend. I spent all Sunday afternoon outdoors, raking those wet leaves off the lawn before they smothered the grass, then mowing and giving the yard a final trimming. I used the leaf blower to suck up leaves that had fallen in the landscaping rocks around our bushes. My wife and I teamed up on taking in the lawn furniture, the plant pots and hangers and garden decorations. We use a little pulley system to store much of this stuff in a garage attic.

  • Source: Gazettextra (blog)

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    Happy morning: DANIELLE BRODER

  • My block printing business aka, "The Recoverie" came about in early 2010.  My products are primarily home goods, but have extended to accessories like totes and scarves, and now baby products coming in February.  The name "The Recoverie" has a few meanings, but came mostly from my love of refinishing and recovering old furniture and making it a completely new piece.
  • Source: Happy morning: DANIELLE BRODER

    Latest News

    Wellesley Townsman - Dec 31, 1969

    Other improvements show attention to both function and beauty with details such as wooden grill covers on floor heating vents and full flooring in the attic for storage. The yard has been as well maintained as the house with professional tree pruning

    Charleston Gazette - Dec 31, 1969

    Robert Dorsey rigged a rope pulley to bring wood to the elevated porch. He can Although Dorsey plans to use the large, high-ceiling attic only for storage, the area is reachable by an interior stairway and could be converted for other purposes. A

    The Sun - Dec 31, 1969

    In the attic, the crew found buckets filled with rocks and a pulley system that was used to open the huge framed windows. The building will be used for wedding, plays, concerts, fundraisers, art exhibits or other activities with money from rental fees

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    Best books
    Popular Mechanics Popular Mechanics

    1996-12 Reach in and turn either the pump assembly pulley or drive- motor pulley while rolling the old belt off the pulley. ... The attic has two windows, and if I leave the door leading to the attic open, this seems to prevent frost and ice from forming.

    Connecticut Disasters, True Stories of Tragedy and Survival Connecticut Disasters, True Stories of Tragedy and Survival

    Creator: Ellsworth Grant | History - 2006 Some blamed it on friction from the pulley in the attic. President Root disproved this theory pointing out that the gearing for the pulley was encased in heavy iron boxes. Others laid it to the combustible pistol stocks stored in the attic drying room ... Publisher: Globe Pequot

    Alchemy of Bones, Chicago's Luetgert Murder Case of 1897 Alchemy of Bones, Chicago's Luetgert Murder Case of 1897

    Creator: Robert Loerzel | True Crime - 2003 Smith took three colleagues — Charles Mitchell, Edwin R Payne, and Cornelious Rourke — to the attic. The four men lit their lanterns and unpacked the rope and pulleys that had been deposited into the attic earlier. They entered a tunnel that ... Publisher: University of Illinois Press

    The Beverly Hills Organizer's Home Organizing Bible, A Pro's Answers to Your Organizing Prayers The Beverly Hills Organizer's Home Organizing Bible, A Pro's Answers to Your Organizing Prayers

    Creator: Linda Koopersmith | House & Home - 2005 (See the photo on opposite page.) I had this custom trolley made with a pulley to help me haul heavy boxes and containers up the pulldown ladder to the attic. No more fear of falling or dropping boxes! ORGANIZING ATTICS TOTAL TIME: 8 to ... Publisher: Fair Winds

    Treasure in the Attic of the Mind Treasure in the Attic of the Mind

    Creator: Judith Achord | 2010-11 Then she wearily climbed the stairs, pulled the chain in the hall, and went up the steps into the attic. As they folded back into position, she grabbed the pulley, which in effect, locked the hatch behind her. To Ray's orders, which turned into pleas ... Publisher: Xulon Press

    Pulley For Attic
    Sep 12, 2008 by Steve in NC | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    I was wondering if it was possible to find the hardware & possible diagrams of a retractable stairway to our attic? We are missing a component and I am trying to figure out how this thing is supposed to work. Right now when you lower the attic door

    Take some pictures of it and the mechanism and let see what we can figure out.

    Dave in NC