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Rope Pulley Block and Tackle Hoist
List Price: $34.99 Price: $10.48 You Save: $24.51 (70%)
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  • 65 feet of poly rope
  • 4 Wheel
  • 2 ton working load capacity
Jesus Saves the World (I Can Read! / The Beginner's Bible)
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20"X 20" B-series Access Panel with Cam Lock for walls and ceilings
Price: $32.90 You Save: $16.45 (50%)
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  • Both Squre bolt and Screw Driver Operated
  • Removable Door
  • Fast delivery
WARN 685000 PullzAll 110 AC Corded Electric Winch
List Price: $312.99 Price: $217.96 You Save: $95.03 (30%)
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  • Electronic load limiter with LED indicator protects the tool from overload, self-locking geartrain with dynamic braking and circuit breaker protected
  • Powers load in and out via forward/reverse switch and two-mode operation
  • 1,000 lb pull rating powered via a 110V AC through a 12 inch power cord
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Z-Line Window Wipeout Playset
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  • Incoming Z-Line and activate trigger to cause a bad guy's free fall!
  • Build the city; Zip-Line action from wall to wall
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Business has changed, but farm is a Theaker family tradition

  • (Editor’s note: As part of our 100-year anniversary celebration, we continue our 10-week series profiling some of the region’s farms that have been in the same family for 200 or more years. These are the farm roots that run deep, and we’re proud to salute them — and others — as we start our next 100 years.)



    BRIDGEPORT, Ohio — Richard Theaker’s first ancestors in Ohio were blacksmiths by trade, making their way from York, Pennsylvania, “across the mountains,” in Theaker’s words, near the turn of the 19th century.

    Much of Belmont County in southeastern Ohio, where the early Theakers landed, was Indian territory until 1791, and the deed to the first Theaker property in Ohio was, in fact, written on sheepskin.

    In 1808, Richard’s great-great-grandfather, John Theaker, left that first Ohio home near Short Creek Township formerly known as Morning Glow, purchasing a property on Farmington Road, south of Colerain Township.

  • Source: Farm and Dairy

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    Happy morning: DANIELLE BRODER

  • My block printing business aka, "The Recoverie" came about in early 2010.  My products are primarily home goods, but have extended to accessories like totes and scarves, and now baby products coming in February.  The name "The Recoverie" has a few meanings, but came mostly from my love of refinishing and recovering old furniture and making it a completely new piece.
  • Source: Happy morning: DANIELLE BRODER

    Latest News

    Wellesley Townsman - Dec 31, 1969

    Other improvements show attention to both function and beauty with details such as wooden grill covers on floor heating vents and full flooring in the attic for storage. The yard has been as well maintained as the house with professional tree pruning

    Charleston Gazette - Dec 31, 1969

    Robert Dorsey rigged a rope pulley to bring wood to the elevated porch. He can Although Dorsey plans to use the large, high-ceiling attic only for storage, the area is reachable by an interior stairway and could be converted for other purposes. A

    The Sun - Dec 31, 1969

    In the attic, the crew found buckets filled with rocks and a pulley system that was used to open the huge framed windows. The building will be used for wedding, plays, concerts, fundraisers, art exhibits or other activities with money from rental fees

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    Popular Mechanics Popular Mechanics

    1996-12 Reach in and turn either the pump assembly pulley or drive- motor pulley while rolling the old belt off the pulley. ... The attic has two windows, and if I leave the door leading to the attic open, this seems to prevent frost and ice from forming.

    Popular Science Popular Science

    1952-09 Attic. Ladder. ft. can. go. info. a. closet,. stay. on. the. wall. or. fold. up. out. of. sight . " Even though your attic-access PIN HINGES () RIGHT A.ND. N ATTIC ... Another dodge is to put a pulley on the weight itself, as in a simple block and tackle.

    Connecticut Disasters, True Stories of Tragedy and Survival Connecticut Disasters, True Stories of Tragedy and Survival

    Creator: Ellsworth Grant | History - 2006 Some blamed it on friction from the pulley in the attic. President Root disproved this theory pointing out that the gearing for the pulley was encased in heavy iron boxes. Others laid it to the combustible pistol stocks stored in the attic drying room ... Publisher: Globe Pequot

    Popular Science Popular Science

    1957-08 Page made a number of these on a little six-inch lathe in his attic shop, working at odd moments between patients. The tiny ... The overwhelming response in favor of the LARGE DRIVE PULLEY TURNS AT 6,000 R.R M. MOTOR IDLERS.

    Old-House Journal Old-House Journal

    1986-09 Made of flexible plastic with a self- sealing surface, the pulley seal is unobtrusive, installs easily, and doesn't interfere with ... ATTIC VENTILATION (to allow water vapor to escape before it condenses) is usually provided for at gable ends.

    Pulley For Attic
    Sep 12, 2008 by Steve in NC | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    I was wondering if it was possible to find the hardware & possible diagrams of a retractable stairway to our attic? We are missing a component and I am trying to figure out how this thing is supposed to work. Right now when you lower the attic door

    Take some pictures of it and the mechanism and let see what we can figure out.

    Dave in NC