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Wollongong gay couple's costume creation a thriller for Michael Jackson

  • “I made friends with all the drag queens and I would sit backstage and say ‘tell me how you do your make up’ because I’d never touched it in my life,” he said.

    “Drag queens know about transformation and I learnt little tips and tricks and one thing led to another.”

    Manzini was discovered when band Yolanda Be Cool snapped up one of his creations to feature in a video clip with Indigenous singer Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, straight from his graduate fashion show.

    When Sony called the entertainment giant was initially reluctant to reveal the details of the project, but Milne wasn’t perturbed: “I’m like, this could be good, we have to make time – we just won’t sleep for two weeks.”

    The only problem? The jacket had never existed – it was just a graphic designer’s pipe dream digitally inserted onto an image of the singer.

    “The album designer probably didn’t consider it would ever be made,” Manzini said, “It was just fantasy and then Sony wanted it to be made into existence in two weeks.”

  • Source: Star Observer

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    CAD Tips, Tricks & Workarounds: Quick tip for placing Pipe Fittings

  • When working within a pipe route, it is sometimes necessary to have multiple copies of the same fitting available on the screen.  Or sometimes you just want to quickly place one copy of an existing fitting.  The temptation here is to use copy and paste functions, in order to avoid having to keep going back to the Content Center.  Content Center is great, don't get me wrong.  But it can take some time to open and navigate through large libraries to locate a single fitting. A quick tip to use, is the "Place Fitting" command.  Normally this command takes you to a file window to navigate to a file outside of the Content Center.  But with this little tip, it can be used for placing a CC part without the CC being opened.  It's so simple it took me by surprise the first time.  The secret is that the fitting has to be somewhere in your assembly already.... even in a different sub-assembly.  Simply locate the fitting in question either in your currently...
  •

    Source: CAD Tips, Tricks & Workarounds: Quick tip for placing Pipe Fittings

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    However, both of those options are more pipe dreams than realities. We have seen before what We all know how great of a scorer Jennings can be, but the question the Mavs have to ask is would he fit in with Dallas' system, and would he share the

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    If you were to ask retired music professor David Rothe his opinion on what is the university's greatest treasure, he'd likely tell you about the Centennial Pipe Organ, an assessment with which many of his music-minded colleagues agree. “If you think

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    The Family Handyman Helpful Hints, Quick and Easy Solutions, Timesaving Tips, Tricks of the Trade The Family Handyman Helpful Hints, Quick and Easy Solutions, Timesaving Tips, Tricks of the Trade

    Creator: Reader's Digest | House & Home - 1995 Quick and Easy Solutions, Timesaving Tips, Tricks of the Trade Reader's Digest ... T Strong grip To remove or attach threaded pipe, hold the fitting in place with one pipe wrench; turn the pipe with another one. If it's a fit- Turning pipe wrench ... Publisher: Readers Digest

    Popular Mechanics Popular Mechanics

    1968-05 Then remove the inside burr BURRS ON LARGE-DIAMETER TUBES can be removed by turning tube over a reamer securely ... 164 POPULAR MECHANICS MAY 1968 165 166 POPULAR MECHANICS MAY 1968 167 Pipefitting tricks with  ...

    Brick and Clay Record Brick and Clay Record

    Clay industries - 1921 This Article Tells the Correct and lV0r/zmanlike Manner in W'/lie/1 to Flandle Pipes and Fittings —Pr0per Tools to Use and ... Pipe fitting is not difiicult work. lt is necessary, however, that a few of the more common trade tricks or practices be  ...

    Popular Science Popular Science

    1945-09 All the important operations, and those "tricks of the trade" that play so great a part in good craftsmanship, are explained and made crystal clear ... The technique of pipe fitting, and the proper sequence of steps in assembling a piping system.

    601 Woodshop Tips & Tricks 601 Woodshop Tips & Tricks

    Creator: Graham McCullouch | Crafts & Hobbies - 2010-05-01 Here's a magical trick to make a moulding miter cut without the benefit of a miter box and one that will definitely impress your ... Insert the square stock into an appropriately sized PVC or ABS pipe so it fits snugly. ... Shave or sand them to fit. Publisher: Popular Woodworking Books

    Pipe Fitting Tricks
    Jul 07, 2009 by jsprplc2006 | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    There is a 1/2" black pipe emerging from the concrete ceiling, running vertically, nearly flush with (also concrete) wall. There is a 1/2" 90 degree fitting on the pipe, only a few inches below the ceiling, which needs to be removed and replaced.

    Sounds like steel pipe...Is this a heating line? Drill another hole next to the line and run Pex