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Electric travelogue: power in the wilds of Eire

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    Why? Well, right along the top of the cliff ran a beautiful string of distribution wires—with beautiful poles and beautiful pole transformers to match.

    Yes, sadly, that’s me. I can’t pass up the chance for a good picture of a distribution pole. I’m sure that makes me mildly odd, though not unique—except with that particular crowd. But, they tolerated it. After all, I’m also the one who could explain to my fellow travelers why their hair dryers fried when they plugged them in but their computers didn’t, despite the stocking up on the right adapter plugs. 

  • Source: Intelligent Utility

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    Natural Gas Pipe Size Calculator - DoItYourself.com Community ...

  • I redid the gas lines in my R-Ranch when I moved my water heater and swapped one electric stove to gas. I kept the 3/4 as the main runs and branched 1/2. Basically ripped it all out to re route it but kept the same sizes. So far I have had no issues but also dont plan on running 2 stoves, the water heater and boiler all at the same time lol. That's 410k total. Even if I don't count the pipe from the meter to the house (about 1ft) and don't count the vertical run through the floor to my range, and go straight through a couple brick walls rather than around, I'm still at 32ft MINIMUM. With my setup, working from the 40ft column gives me no different results than working from the 60ft column, so my notions of moving my kitchen range add no cost. Furd, the link you posted shows a different way to solve for pipe sizes than what I understood. They take the very farthest appliance (90ft) and use that distance to find pipe size for every other branch, rather than finding the distance for each...
  •

    Source: Natural Gas Pipe Size Calculator - DoItYourself.com Community ...

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    NASDAQ - Dec 31, 1969

    The company is an industry-leading provider of pipe, valves and valve automation, fitting, mill and industrial supplies, tools, safety products, and artificial list systems to the upstream, midstream, and downstream and industrial markets. It also

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    Creator: R. Woodson | Technology & Engineering - 2005-04-27 In addition to easy-to-find answers, this guide delivers: A concise outline of trade mathematics Plastic and copper pipe and copper tubing facts and figures Standard and handicapped fixture layouts Guidelines for sizing water heaters ... Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

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    Creator: EUGENE AUTOR STAMPER, RICHARD L AUTOR KORAL | Technology & Engineering - 1979 Then determine pipe size. Two hot water friction charts, for Type L copper tubing and iron or steel pipe, will be found elsewhere in this section of the Handbook. One enters the chart, for each section of piping to be sized, with the "heat" carried  ... Publisher: Industrial Press Inc.

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    Creator: Lee Smith, J. Russell Guest, Bartholomew D'Arcangelo | Mathematics - 2003-10-01 This edition of Mathematics for Plumbers and Pipefitters continues to teach the essential math concepts that have made the book the outstanding reference in its field. Publisher: Cengage Learning

    Pipe Fitting Calculator
    Feb 27, 2009 by rhysevans_bhb | Posted in Home Theater

    Hey guys, I'm just putting together my first diy pair of speakers and came to a small halt due to a slight confusion. BTW, the box is made from 12mm ply.

    I got a port length of 90mm from Win ISD (a box parameter calculator programme) and

    I think you are over-thinking this. Just make the pipe's total length 90 mm. It doesn't matter if the pipe is flush on the front baffle or not, just as long as the port length is as recommended. Now, what about the port's diameter?