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Intermatic T104 208-277-Volt DPST 24 Hour Mechanical Time Switch
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  • Designed for industrial, commercial and residential applications
  • Ideal for loads up to 40-ampere resistive from 120-volts providing direct 24 hour time switch control of most loads
  • Highest HP ratings in the industry up to 40 amps
New Magnetic Motor Starter Control for electric motor compressor 5hp 1ph 230V 34 amp
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  • IEC stlye starter requires no heater elements.
  • 5hp single phase 220-240volt coil range 34 amp contactor

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The Rhyme of History: Lessons of the Great War

  • The search for explanations began almost as soon as the guns opened fire in the summer of 1914 and has never stopped. Scholars have combed through archives from Belgrade to Berlin looking for the causes. An estimated 32,000 articles, treatises, and books on World War I have been published in English alone. So when a British publisher took me out to lunch on a lovely spring day in Oxford five years ago and asked me if I would like to try my hand at one of history’s greatest puzzles, my first reaction was a firm no. Yet afterward I could not stop thinking about this question that has haunted so many. In the end I succumbed. The result is yet another book, my own effort to understand what happened a century ago and why .

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  • Source: Brookings Institution

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    Craftsman 230v Air Compressor w/Dayton Motor Single Phase Need ...

  • 2011 Craftsman GT6000, 26HP V Twin Kohler HydroGear730 transaxle with filter 54" Deck, Sleeve Hitch, cultivator, Disks, Moldboard Plow, spreaders. LOADED TIRES with RV antifreeze. Dee Stone Ag's on spare rims Tri rib fronts with BEARINGS Craftsman rear tine tiller , Mantis Tiller, Newton battery mower, 4stroke Craftsman weed whacker with accessories, Yard Machines Chipper, Craftsman self propelled electric start mower, Got my JD318 with Ag's and 3pt see my pics! Now regarding the compressors wiring issue. I don't think cannibalizing the plug from my welder is a good option for me. I'd rather buy new braided strand wire and plug from CL or ebay to install on the compressor. This way I will still be able to use my welder because I do plan on using it to fab up some projects for the linked 317 in my sig
  • Source: Craftsman 230v Air Compressor w/Dayton Motor Single Phase Need ...

    Dayton Motor Wiring Diagram
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    Dayton Motor Wiring Diagram
    Apr 26, 2008 by harold | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    This is a replacement capacitor-start motor for a table saw. The feeds come from the on-off switch to the motor. Wires are numbered to the corresponding diagram on the motor. There is also a reset button on the motor (P1-P2).