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Intermatic T104 208-277-Volt DPST 24 Hour Mechanical Time Switch
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  • Designed for industrial, commercial and residential applications

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PSoC-Based Audio Spectrum Analyzer Using Adafruit NeoPixels

  • The original Arduino-based code library on Adafruit's NeoPixel Uberguide achieves this by bit-banging and optimizing the code. Quite understandably, Adafruit puts up a disclaimer that this doesn't work on Arduino-compatible boards, since it used low-level, processor-specific assembly instructions.

    Using UDBs on a PSoC 4, this driver can be built almost independent of the core processor by utilizing available datapath and macrocells. Essentially, the component splits the protocol into two parts: a master PWM (which runs at 400/800 kHz) and a 24-bit shift register. At the end of each PWM cycle, it simply shifts one data bit and -- depending on whether we wish to transmit a zero or a one -- it loads a pre-specified duty cycle. Thanks to the datapath, this load is independent of the CPU. I'm simplifying the process a bit to exclude things like the end-of-data (also Verilog-based), but the essential idea remains.

    All we need to do is load up a 24-bit value and forget about it until the next LED data needs to be written. The component automatically generates a master array depending on the number of LEDs, and the UDB triggers an interrupt until you run out of data in the array. Furthermore, if you were to use a PSoC 5LP, you could employ its direct memory access (DMA) capability at this point to shift out an array of data automatically and just keep modifying the master array to make it completely independent of the core processor.

  • Source: EE Times

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  • 2011 Craftsman GT6000, 26HP V Twin Kohler HydroGear730 transaxle with filter 54" Deck, Sleeve Hitch, cultivator, Disks, Moldboard Plow, spreaders. LOADED TIRES with RV antifreeze. Dee Stone Ag's on spare rims Tri rib fronts with BEARINGS Craftsman rear tine tiller , Mantis Tiller, Newton battery mower, 4stroke Craftsman weed whacker with accessories, Yard Machines Chipper, Craftsman self propelled electric start mower, Got my JD318 with Ag's and 3pt see my pics! Now regarding the compressors wiring issue. I don't think cannibalizing the plug from my welder is a good option for me. I'd rather buy new braided strand wire and plug from CL or ebay to install on the compressor. This way I will still be able to use my welder because I do plan on using it to fab up some projects for the linked 317 in my sig
  • Source: Craftsman 230v Air Compressor w/Dayton Motor Single Phase Need ...

    Dayton Motor Wiring Diagram
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    Automobiles - 1922 Wheels — Wire wheels made by Dayton Wire Wheel Co., size 28x4 with center of rim depressed to allow use of straight side ... 1 Is given wiring diagram also arrangement of engine and generator showing the pulley and belt used for driving.

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    Automobile industry and trade - 1921 Changes in Dayton Airless Tire Many important changes have recently been made in the new Dayton airless tires made by the Dayton ... New Edition of " Simplified Automobile Wiring Diagrams" The new edition of this wiring guide, issued by ?

    Dayton Motor Wiring Diagram
    Apr 26, 2008 by harold | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    This is a replacement capacitor-start motor for a table saw. The feeds come from the on-off switch to the motor. Wires are numbered to the corresponding diagram on the motor. There is also a reset button on the motor (P1-P2).