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R-II School Board gets a personal insight on ALP Program

  • Members of the Elsberry R-II School Board received quite a treat on Wednesday, Nov. 13, as the Students of the ALP (Advanced Learning Program) gave a small presentation highlighting their activities.

    While the slide show played, older members of the ALP took the opportunity to explain the benefits of the various field trips they have taken. For example, in 2001 the middle school students went to Quincy, IL, where the studied the historic architecture. They also visited the Abraham Lincoln Museum, in Springfield, IL.

    “In 2012 we traveled west to the Kansas City area. We went to the Arabia Steamboat Museum, the Money Museum, KU Natural History Museum and the Harry S. Truman Library,” explained Joc Kreuger, ALP and gifted facilitator for the Elsberry R-II School District. “In 2013 we traveled south to Meramec Caverns, the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame, the Pythian Castle and spent an entire day on the Missouri S&T campus. There we had a tour of the design center, where competition teams prepare rockets, cars and concrete canoes.”

  • Source: The Elsberry Democrat

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    Octopus got your tongue? - Phys.org

  • The work is funded by a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation, and the investigators will use facilities at the Wrigley Marine Science Center on Catalina Island for some of their research.

    The research is funded through an NSF program called INSPIRE (Integrated NSF Support Promoting Interdisciplinary Research and Education) that "is intended to encourage investigators to submit bold, exceptional proposals." The project at USC Dornsife certainly fits that description.

    "Most people are surprised by this combination of linguistics and biology," said Khalil Iskarous, assistant professor of linguistics and a principal investigator on the NSF grant.

    The project will compare the movement of the tongue to the movements of the arms of the octopus and the body of a very small and thoroughly studied worm known as C. elegans. All three muscular systems work without bones that function as rigid "levers." Hydrostatic, their function is based on the resistance of fluids to compression. Squeezing water in one part of a muscle exerts pressure on water in other parts of the muscle forcing it to move.

  •

    Source: Octopus got your tongue? - Phys.org

    Microbiology Vocabulary
    Best books
    Cleanroom Microbiology for the Non-Microbiologist Cleanroom Microbiology for the Non-Microbiologist

    Creator: David M. Carlberg | Medical - 1995-04-30 This book is especially relevant for supervisors and managers who need a sound understanding of contamination control and is particularly effective for use in training. Publisher: CRC Press

    Building Vocabulary for College Building Vocabulary for College

    Creator: R. Kent Smith | Language Arts & Disciplines - I Students of podiatry must take a number of anatomy and physiology courses, particularly those involving the feet. podiatry is the study and treatment of (a) foot ailments (b) muscle strains 3 2. microbiology (MI kr6 bi OL o jé)—noun I Before I ... Publisher: Cengage Learning

    Foundations in Microbiology' 2007 Ed.(sixth Edition)2007 Edition Foundations in Microbiology' 2007 Ed.(sixth Edition)2007 Edition

    Creator: Talaro, Kathleen Park | This is the style adopted by the American Society for Microbiology. In the past ... All of these areas bring their own vocabulary and language — much of it new to you — and mastering it will require time, motivation, and preparation. A valid ... Publisher: Rex Bookstore, Inc.

    Cheese: Chemistry, Physics and Microbiology, General Aspects Cheese: Chemistry, Physics and Microbiology, General Aspects

    Creator: Patrick F. Fox, Paul L. H. McSweeney, Timothy M. Cogan, Timothy P. Guinee | Science - 2004-08-04 Assessors must agree with other panel members on the meaning of terms in the descriptive vocabulary and repeat their assessments, but are not required to agree on how to use the attribute scales to rate intensity. When this method is used ... Publisher: Academic Press

    Encyclopedia of Microbiology, Four-Volume Set Encyclopedia of Microbiology, Four-Volume Set

    Creator: Martin Alexander, Barry R. Bloom, David A. Hopwood, Roger Hull, Barbara H. Iglewski, Allen I. Laskin, Stephen G. Oliver, Moselio Schaechter, William C. Summers | Science - 2000-02-10 ARTICLE FORMAT In order to make information easy to locate, all of the articles in the Encyclopedia of Microbiology are ... In addition, Volume 4 provides a comprehensive glossary that collects all the core vocabulary of microbiology in one ... Publisher: Academic Press

    Microbiology Vocabulary
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