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Martin Rees: The world in 2050 and beyond

  • But Wells wasn’t an optimist. He also highlighted the risk of global disaster: “It is impossible to show why certain things should not utterly destroy and end the human story... and make all our efforts vain... something from space, or pestilence, or some great disease of the atmosphere, some trailing cometary poison, some great emanation of vapour from the interior of the earth, or new animals to prey on us, or some drug or wrecking madness in the mind of man”.

    I quote Wells because he reflects the mix of optimism and anxiety – and of speculation and science – which I’ll try to offer in this lecture. Were he writing today, he would have been elated by our expanded vision of life and the cosmos –  but he’d have been even more anxious about the perils we might face. The stakes are indeed getting higher: new science offers huge opportunities but its consequences could jeopardise our survival. Many are concerned that it is ‘running away’ so fast that neither politicians nor the lay public can assimilate or cope with it.

  • Source: New Statesman

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    Microbial Culture Media - Microbe World

  • Microbial Culture Media

    The micro-organism require a base medium for their growth andit is called as culture media.

    Nutrient media contains the substances that are used by organism synthesis of food, growth and survival.It fulfill all the nutritional requirements of the micro-organism.The nutrient media consist of water as the important ingredient plus organic and inorganic components,growth factors, indicator dyes and agar-agar as a solidifying agent.

    Microbial culture media is basically of two types that is non-living and living media and further on the basis of ingredients present the culture media are sub-divided.

    Nature of Microbial culture media are shown in the following figure.

    a ) Natural media  - The media that contains natural substances like milk,blood,potato etc are called natural media.

    b) Semi-synthetic media

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    Source: Microbial Culture Media - Microbe World

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    MarketWatch (press release) - Dec 31, 1969

    C16G2 is a synthetic peptide derived from C3 Jian's proprietary, pheromone signaling platform technology referred to as STAMPS (Specifically Targeted Antimicrobial Peptides). C16G2 The double-blind Phase 1 clinical trial included a dose escalation

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    Microbiology Microbiology

    Creator: Daniel V. Lim | Science - 2003 Daniel V. Lim. Complex and Synthetic Media Two basic types of growth media are used by microbiol- ogists for the cultivation of bacteria: complex (or undefined ) media and synthetic (or chemically defined) media (Table 4.7). A complex ... Publisher: Kendall Hunt

    Experiments in Microbiology, Plant Pathology and Biotechnology Experiments in Microbiology, Plant Pathology and Biotechnology

    Creator: K. R. Aneja | Microbiology - 2003 The food material on which microorganisms are grown in the laboratory is known as a culture medium (pi. media) and the ... types of culture media: (i) natural or empirical culture media; (ii) semi-synthetic media; and (Hi) synthetic or chemically ... Publisher: New Age International

    Microbiology for Water and Wastewater Operators (Revised Reprint) Microbiology for Water and Wastewater Operators (Revised Reprint)

    Creator: Frank R. Spellman | Technology & Engineering - 1999-12-08 MEDIA CATEGORIES Before discussing the different general purpose categories of media used for the cultivation of microorganisms, it should be pointed out that the composition of media can be categorized as two general types: synthetic ... Publisher: CRC Press

    Principles Of Microbiology:M&S Principles Of Microbiology:M&S

    Creator: R S. Mehrotra | Microbiology - 2009 Growth, Culture and Maintenance of Microorganisms Assay media These media are specifically employed for the assay ... Semi-synthetic media In these types of media, some of the constituents are of known chemical composition while others  ... Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education

    Laboratory Manual of Food Microbiology Laboratory Manual of Food Microbiology

    Creator: Neelima Garg, K. L. Garg, K. G. Mukerji | Food - 2010-03-01 Simple non-synthetic medium : A simple non-synthetic medium, operationally defined, is capable of meeting the nutrient requirements of organisms requiring relatively few growth factors. 2. Complex non-synthetic medium : These may be of  ... Publisher: I. K. International Pvt Ltd

    Microbiology Synthetic Media
    Nov 11, 2006 by ratman_90 | Posted in Biology

    Malonate broth, Tryptone broth, KCN broth, Nutrient gelatin, OF glucose broth, DNase agar, Ornithine decarboxylase broth
    I need to know ofr each of these if they are complex or synthetic and slective, differential or both. I cannot find the answers

    Malonate- used for differentiation Enterobacter from E. coli
    Tryptone- used to differentiate based on indole
    KCN broth- differentiates betweeen organisms based on their ability to grow in presence of cyanide
    Nutrient gelatin- detects