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Leonard Zubrzycki, 82, Temple professor

  • , Which causes a sexually transmitted disease.

    Dr. Zubrzycki and another Temple bacterial geneticist collaborated and "obtained a patent on this process," she said.

    Dr. Zubrzycki was the founder and first editor of the newsletter for the Eastern Pennsylvania Branch of the American Society for Microbiology, his son-in-law, Joseph Cavalieri, said.

    He was also founder and first editor of the newsletter of the Polish American Citizens' Club of Camden County, Cavalieri said.

    A 1949 graduate of the former St. Joseph's High School in Camden, Dr. Zubrzycki earned a bachelor's of science at Temple University in 1953.

    He worked as a researcher at the former Wyeth Laboratories in Radnor for two years before earning a doctorate in medical microbiology and immunology at Temple.

    Mr. Zubrzycki then spent the rest of his career teaching medical students at Temple, his son-in-law said.

    Besides his son-in-law, he is survived by his wife, Dolores; daughter Diane Cavalieri; a sister; and a grandson.

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    Source: Test Bank Solutions manual Microbiology An Introduction Tortora ...

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