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Elizabeth Warren's Appeal; a Biden Rationale for Running; Ernest Hemingway

  • President’s thinking on the Soviet Union and other international nemeses.

    Cuomo Holds 37-Point Lead in Re-election Race . Adam O’Neal has the numbers .

    The Life and Death of a Russian Freedom Fighter . Cathy Young spotlights Valeria Novodvorskaya, the firebrand Russian activist and writer who died in Moscow on July 12.

    Political Correctness: A Disease Without a Cure . RealClearScience editor Alex Berezow bemoans a Time magazine article that seems to place greater emphasis on political ideology than on epidemiology and medical microbiology.

    Old-Fashioned Jew Hatred Is Back . In RealClearReligion, Alex VanNess cites mounting evidence of anti-Semitism worldwide as the violence between Israel and Hamas escalates.

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    The spring he graduated from high school, Ernest Hemingway surprised his parents by eschewing college for a job on a daily newspaper, the Kansas City Star. He turned 18 while working on that newspaper -- on this date in 1917 -- and with America finally involved in World War I, young Ernest tried to enlist in the U.S. Army. Poor eyesight kept him out of the service, but when he learned that the Red Cross was seeking volunteers to drive ambulances at the front, he signed up, was accepted and sent to Europe.

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    Social learning in a medical photo-sharing app for doctors | Scope ...

  • Figure 1 has been a useful resource to me for expanding the number of cases I’ve seen in my practice. It’s also been a great place for me to share a lot the moments I’ve learned from.

    One of the unexpected benefits of Figure 1 for me is that it takes the sometimes lonely practice of medicine and makes it a more communal experience. At any time, I know that I can connect with people in similar circumstances who are focused on solving similar problems in healthcare.

    We researched online approaches to medical education, resulting in several articles describing new trends in the field, including a new trend of delivering curricular content online from home and converting class time to tutorial sessions with a professor (known as the flipped classroom). Our group also conducted a survey of mobile device use in medical students and residents.

    One conclusion we reached was that different specialties have different content and application needs when it comes to smart device apps. Some physicians, like neurologists, will use photo-sharing and text messages to communicate; others, like internists, will use reference apps to look up drug doses and side effects; some surgeons use anatomy teaching apps to help educate patients.

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    Source: Social learning in a medical photo-sharing app for doctors | Scope ...

    Medical Microbiology Tutorial
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    Medical microbiology, a short course Medical microbiology, a short course

    Creator: Ellen Jo Baron | Medical - 1994-10-19 Medical Microbiology: A Short Course Ellen Jo Baron, Robert S. Chang, Dexter H. Howard, James N. Miller, and Jerrold A. Turner As more information about human infectious diseases emerges and as new questions arise, medical students, ...

    Medical Journal of Australia Medical Journal of Australia

    Medical - 1986 If they have a term in the intensive care unit, residents and registrars have a tutorial on resuscitation with a session to practise ... of Medical Microbiology; formerly, Senior Specialist in Medical Microbiology, Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne.

    Best 162 Medical Schools 2005 Edition Best 162 Medical Schools 2005 Edition

    Creator: Malaika Stoll, Princeton Review | Medical - 2004-09-01 During the second year, students also take general and systematic pathology, clinical pathology, topics in medicine, medical microbiology, and medical pharmacology. Tutorial programs, academic monitoring, and study skills workshops ... Publisher: The Princeton Review

    Clinical Microbiology, Quality In Laboratory Diagnosis Clinical Microbiology, Quality In Laboratory Diagnosis

    Creator: Charles W. Stratton | MEDICAL - 2012 Searching the medical literature using PubMed: a tutorial. Mayo Clin Proc. 2003; 78:87–91. Accessed October 4, 2010. Thompson RB Jr, Peterson LR. Role of the clinical microbiology laboratory in the diagnosis of infections. Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing

    A Text Book of Immunology A Text Book of Immunology

    Creator: J.K. Sinha & S. Bhattacharya | Trends in Microbiology 3:118-120. 5. ... Murray PR, Rosenthal KS, Kobayashi GS and Pfaller MA 2002 : Medical Microbiology. 4th Edition, Mosby. ... The tutorial is written from the Immunology Division, Department of University of Cambridge. Publisher: Academic Publishers