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Century Drill and Tool 75401 Rotary Rasp Cylinder Shaped
List Price: $4.24 Price: $2.00 You Save: $2.24 (53%)
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  • 1-3/8-Inch rasp length
  • 1/4-Inch shank
  • 5/8-Inch diameter
Century Drill and Tool 75404 Rotary Rasp Tree Shaped
List Price: $4.24 Price: $3.39 You Save: $0.85 (20%)
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  • 1-3/8-Inch rasp length
  • Rotary rasps for use on wood and light metals
  • 1/4-Inch shank
5pc Carbon Steel Rotary Rasp Files 1/4" Shank Die Grinders
Price: $3.97
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  • 1/4" shank fits all drill chucks, air & power die grinders & more; also in 1/8" shank to fit Dremel
  • Makes bits VERY efficient at removing excess material, carving, forming and reducing
  • Aggressive and versatile filing bits for wood, plastic & other non-metal materials
Dremel 662DR 1/8-Inch Glass Drilling Bit with Cutting Oil
List Price: $21.49 Price: $10.00 You Save: $11.49 (53%)
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  • Diamond grit around the circumference of the bit allows it to rasp a larger hole if needed
  • Drill holes in both flat and contoured glass
  • Diamond-impregnated cutting bit for long life
Vermont American 16680 1/4-Inch by 7/8-Inch Useable Length Cylinder Shaped Metal 1/4-Inch Shank Rotary Rasp for Drill
List Price: $4.99 Price: $0.27 You Save: $4.72 (95%)
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  • For rasping or filing wood
  • Special alloy steel is hardened and tempered for long life
  • 1/4-Inch shank fits all drills

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Despair for Holywood after thrashing at hands of Ballywalter Rec

  • Watching this entirely one-sided encounter, it was difficult to believe that the Holywood subjected to this 7-1 humbling by mid-Division 1B opponents Ballywalter Rec was the same Holywood that played in the top flight of the Amateur League just five years ago.

    In actual fact, they aren’t. Far from it, the Seapark Road outfit are currently grateful just to be fulfilling fixtures, and have gone from having four teams to struggling to keep two teams going.

    And Wilson fears that the club he once played for may go under altogether if their call for a new manager continues to go unanswered for much longer.

    He said: “It’s not looking very good, and yes, it could head that way. With the players we have at the moment, the quality and the experience we need at this level just isn’t there.

    “On the ground, we have 15 or 16 players to cover us for two teams at the moment, and if that keeps going, the seconds will be folded. We need bodies, and we need a manager to come in with them.

  • Source: Belfast Telegraph

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  • It is often said that the success of humans as a species is due to their extensive use of tools. The wearable tools of the handyman are no doubt impressive to many of the lesser beasts. Yet these tools do not grow, self-sharpen, or morph to fit the job at hand. The rasping organ of a humble marine snail can do all of these things and more. The rasp’s teeth self-assemble the hardest known biomaterial — fiber-reinforced crystalline magnetite. Fortunately, the marine snail has been slow to file its patents and others have now jumped in to command this newly revealed tool for themselves.

    As most schoolchildren are eager to tell, sharks are so flexible because they have no bone — their fibrous cartilage is never permeated through with calcium to mineralize it. The controlled deposition of single atoms or molecules has emerged as a powerful mechanism to create a desired structure on the nanoscale. The properties of a crystal compared to a less rigidly prescribed assemblage of the same material differ as sandpaper from sapphire. Solar cells, for example, made from monocrystalline material have efficiency nearly double that of polycrystalline cells, but are expensive to make.

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    Source: How the marine snail will help build better batteries, solar cells, and ...

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    TheGazette.co.uk - Dec 31, 1969

    The match was remarkably similar to the last time the teams met at the start of the season, in that Greenock got an early goal and went on to score twice more before taking their feet off the gas a bit in the second-half. This time the opener came with

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    Creator: Rita Kogler Carver | Performing Arts - 2012-09-10 7.20 (1) Course rasp, (2) combination rasp/chisel, (3) half-round file, (4) flat file, (5 ) triangular needle file, (6) wood chisel, (7) hand rasp, (8) hand plane, and (9) ultracoarse rasp. the motor. You insert the drill bit into the chuck and then tighten it, ... Publisher: CRC Press

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    Creator: C. Boyd Pfeiffer | Sports & Recreation - 2013-01-15 One easy way to do this is to get a drill-bit extender and some rotary-rasp drill rasps. The bit extender is usually about 12 inches long and will fit into any 1/4- inch chuck electric drill. The other end will hold (by means of a set screw adjusted with ... Publisher: Globe Pequot

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    1982-11 FINISH CORNERS CUT MOULDING & TRIM WITH ANY ELECTRIC DRILL NO $50 ROUTER OR $6 BITS NEEDED! You don't have to buy an ... Simply slip appropriate Sabre-Rasp Into your sabre saw in place of Its regular blade. 3-piece set ...

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    1975-07 Increase drill versatility with: A, mower blade sharpener; B, water pump; C, low- cost drill sharpener; D, bench stand; E, rotary rasp-file; F, bits with built-in countersinks; G, grinding wheel, and H, an arbor for use with certain types of accessories.

    Building Garden Ornaments, 24 Do-It-Yourself Projects to Accent Any Setting Building Garden Ornaments, 24 Do-It-Yourself Projects to Accent Any Setting

    Gardening - 2000-01-01 Position the 8" saucer over a scrap of wood and drill a hole at the X, using a 3/s" masonry drill bit. Test-fit the flexible plastic tubing and enlarge the hole, if necessary, using a conical rasp bit. Drill slowly while applying light pressure, and check ... Publisher: Creative Publishing Int'l

    Drill Bit Rasp
    Jan 18, 2011 by The Woodsman | Posted in History

    Tools that were not electric, but human-powered, so far I have…

    Coping saw
    Eggbeater drill
    Dovetail saw
    Rip saw
    Crosscut saw

    Hammer, Two-man Saw.